Psychological Consultation

We provide psychological consultation (typically an initial briefing, e.g., a review of file material, followed by a teleconsult or brief written summary) to physicians, employers, teachers, and lawyers/legal representatives third parties when requested to aid in answering questions about mental health, including diagnosis, impairment, prognosis, treatment, and related questions. For example, we provide consultation for:

  • Physicians seeking diagnostic clarification to guide their prescription and monitoring of psychotropic medication and/or to guide specialist referral/treatment.

  • Employers concerning mental health issues related to disability, treatment planning, and workplace absence/return to work planning.

  • Teachers/schools asking questions about mental health factors impacting on a student’s wellbeing, academic success, and accommodation and/or treatment needs.

  • Lawyers/legal representatives/third party insurers who wrestle with issues related to diagnosis, impairment, etiology, prognosis/permanence, and treatment needs.

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