Are you feeling alone or trapped?

Let us help you connect! We will work to get you unstuck!


You may face disappointment or rejection from those closest to you, and you wrestle constantly with negative emotions! You have been unable to change yourself or your circumstances. To top it off, you worry that nothing will make a difference and that there is no solution!

A deeper connection

However, you are looking to connect on a deeper level with someone who will understand and help you move out of desperation and isolation. The good news is that this reflects your willingness to still BELIEVE in what may be possible and your (good) intentions to pursue what is best!

You are not alone

Many with similar pain and anguish have been able to find the strength to turn things around. At Advance Health, we specialize in connecting with our clients and applying therapies that are proven to be effective. Our clients tell us that when online/self-help methods, coaching, or medication alone has failed – we have been successful in moving them forward! – basically becoming UNSTUCK!

It’s about research and clinical training

Psychotherapy is not simply a walk in the park or going for coffee with a friend who listens. Using therapies (e.g., cognitive behavioral, mindfulness, solution focused, psychodynamic, meaning centred) that are validated not by a hunch or the feelings they evoke, but by research, clinical training, and experience, we provide an objective and compassionate approach to your circumstances.

we are here to help

Our goal is to help you find what brought you to this place, to build on your strengths, and to help you move forward with hope, direction, and MEANING! We care deeply about the work we do and the clients that come to us.

We invite you to take the next step, contact us, and inquire about our services!


We are a Psychotherapy and Psychology Practice located at:
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