Meet Our Team of Clinicians


Karen Redhill-Feinstein
I work with adults of all ages from late teens onwards, on many issues such as depression, anxiety, phobias, relationship difficulties, lack of self-esteem and workplace problems. See more >

Dr. Lisa Vettese
I assist with crises, life transitions, career uncertainty, self-esteem, intimacy concerns, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, addictions, personality
disorders and self-harm. See more >


Dr. Iara Da Costa
I see the incredible strength and resilience people have in the face of hardships. I truly appreciate the opportunity to help them find power in vulnerability and opportunities for growth in moments of crisis
and loss. See more >

Dr. Ralph Lubbers
Dr. Ralph Lubbers believes that change and growth are possible. He meets clients where they are and uses acceptance to foster change. He works closely with clients to develop the necessary tools to understand and manage emotions... See more >



To schedule an appointment please contact one our clinicians directly by telephone or email. Consultation and psychotherapy sessions are typically
50 minutes in length. All sessions are
by appointment only.


There is no fee for telephone inquiry. Fees are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. Psychological services may be covered by your extended health insurance, WSIB, or auto insurance. Fees are due at the end of each session unless other arrangements are made.


Your personal health information will
not be disclosed to others without your consent, unless required by law
(e.g., a child in need of protection; health professional sexual abuse; court order) or by ethical and professional standards (e.g., risk of serious bodily harm).



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